Photonics for Life

How can we support physicians in diagnosing cancer faster, more gently and more accurately? How can we help them to treat patients with life-threatening infections in a tailored manner and thus jointly counter the danger of growing antibiotic resistance? Which drug residues pollute our waters and what is in our food?

We use light to find solutions to such and similar questions and to urgent problems in the areas of health, environment, medicine and safety. We, that is currently around 400 employees from 36 countries.

The foundation for our research is laid by an outstanding technological infrastructure, operated by a large number of competent specialists. The researchers are supported by more than a quarter of them, incidentally, doctoral students, and technologists by highly motivated teams in the administration and the various staff units.

Organisationally and as a basis for the programme budgets, there are three programme areas at the Leibniz-IPHT: Biophotonics, Fiber Optics and Photonic Detection.

We assign our work to six research fields.


Our Vision

We are researching light-based solutions for issues and challenges in the fields of health, environment, medicine and safety. Solutions that make life safer, healthier and cleaner.


Our Mission

We are researching biophotonic methods and technologies that break new ground in terms of resolution, sensitivity, specificity, speed, accuracy and automation. In this way, we are creating the basis for faster and more accurate medical diagnostics, for new therapies, for safe pharmaceuticals, for a new quality of food and environmental analysis and for innovative safety technology.

We attach great importance to ensuring that our research services are exploited in the public interest and for the benefit of society, which is why we pursue active and diverse technology and knowledge transfer. Together with its partners, our institute covers the entire chain from basic technological research to the translation into tailor-made solutions for various applications, according to the maxim “From Ideas to Instruments”.

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