The new annual report of Leibniz IPHT covers almost 80 pages of entertaining stories, exciting institute highlights and scientific projects through a successful year 2022. Under the motto “Collaborate & Create”, the new edition focuses on collaborations that promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise, create synergies and generate new impulses for innovative solutions that make life safer, cleaner and healthier.
Inspiring institute collaborations and successful forms of cooperation with internal and external partners, which bring together creative minds, expertise and knowledge from different disciplines and which form the foundation of excellent science, are the central themes of the current Leibniz IPHT annual review.
Research and innovation strength not only require scientists with passion and creative ideas, but also close and trusting collaborations. Through research networks, clusters or alliances, which the institute maintains internally and externally as well as on a regional, national and international level, know-how can be bundled in a targeted manner, potentials of individual partners can be exploited, synergy effects can be achieved and technological progress can be made possible.
For example, the new Leibniz Center for Photonics in Infection Research (LPI) being established in Jena will generate market-ready solutions in the fight against infections, the nationwide Leibniz Research Alliance Health Technologies will improve healthcare in the future, and the international CRIMSON research project will take cancer diagnostics to a new level.
These and other stories and insights can be discovered in the new annual report 2022, which is available for download here:

Jahresbericht Leibniz-IPHT 2022