In the course of the cyberattack, some of Leibniz IPHT’s server data was copied and stolen by the attackers. This may also include personal data of current and former employees as well as contractual and cooperation partners. According to our current state of knowledge, there is probably no high risk to the personal rights and freedoms of the persons concerned. However, it cannot be ruled out that the stolen data will be published by the attackers.

Protecting the data of our current and former employees as well as our contractual and cooperation partners is our top priority. We have already taken comprehensive countermeasures to ensure their security. To further protect yourself, we recommend remaining vigilant and observing the following tips:

Passwords: use different passwords for different accounts. Change your passwords if you notice suspicious activity or have problems logging in. It is advisable to change especially those passwords that may be similar.
Phishing: Pay particular attention to e-mails or text messages, even if they appear to come from trustworthy senders. Check thoroughly for possible phishing attempts, even if you are contacted via other channels.
E-mails: Treat any request in e-mails or other contact attempts that ask for your login data or personal information with extreme caution.
Only open attachments and links from trustworthy senders. If you have any doubts about the sender’s identity, verify it outside of the email or text message in question without using the contact information provided in the message.
Account activity: Regularly check your account activity for unusual payment transactions. In the event of unauthorized transactions, contact your bank immediately and consider blocking the account in question.
IT security: Keep your operating system up to date, use anti-virus programs and update them regularly.