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Flexible Fasersonde


Cancer Surgery: Jena Research Team Develops Imaging Fiber Endoscope for Tissue Diagnostics

Ob bei einer Krebs-Operation tatsächlich der gesamte Tumor entfernt worden ist, lässt sich mit derzeitigen Verfahren erst nach einem Eingriff mit Sicherheit feststellen. Ein interdisziplinäres Jenaer Forschungsteam hat nun ein neuartiges Faser-Endoskop vorgestellt, mit dem Tumorränder künftig bereits während der Operation direkt im Körperinneren sichtbar gemacht werden könnten.


Mamyshev regenerator at SWIR range

The main objective of this project is to investigate nonlinear phenomena in short-wave IR ultrafast fibre lasers, including the study of the mechanisms underlying self-organisation and generation of ultrashort...


Working Language: English

An interdisciplinary team from all over the world studies the ultrafast processes that occur in molecules and materials after they have been excited by light. 468nm editor Andrea Borowsky was allowed to...


Board of Directors


Works Council

Works Council News Welcome to the intranet page of the works council. Here you will find all the important information about us and how to contact...


Video message by the Scientific Director

Due to the ongoing Corona situation, staff meetings in the form of face-to-face meetings are not yet possible. The Scientific Director of Leibniz-IPHT, Jürgen Popp, therefore addresses the staff in a short video message before the summer vacations and reports on current events and news.


MTB Counter

Within the project "MTB Counter" an apparatus for counting and characterization of magnetotactic bacteria (MTB) will be developed. This work was initiated by LMU Munich, which is interested in determining...


Window Glass

The aim of the project is to develop optically anisotropic layers that can be used over large areas as intelligent solar control films, since more light is absorbed at grazing incidence (midday) than at...



The overall aim of the project is to provide highly performing photovoltaics and reduce the cost of solar technology. Therefore, we selected the EpiWafer process (epitaxially grown Si wafers) from partner...

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