First-order fibre Bragg grating inscription in indium fluoride fibre using UV/Vis femtosecond laser and two-beam interferometry

in: Optics Letters (2021)
Chiamenti, Ismael; Chernysheva, Maria; Elsmann, Tino; Becker, Martin; Wondraczek, Lothar; Reupert, Aaron; Oguzhan, Kara
Fiber gratings are among key components in fiber-based photonics systems and, particularly, laser cavities. In the latter, they can play multiple roles, such as those of mirrors, polarizers, filters, or dispersion compensators. In this Letter, we present the inscription of highly reflective first-order fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) in soft indium fluoride-based (InF3) fibers using a two-beam phase-mask interferometer and a femtosecond laser. We demonstrate an enhanced response of InF3-based fiber to a visible (400 nm) inscription wavelength compared to ultraviolet irradiation at 266 nm. In this way, FBGs with a reflectivity >99.7% were inscribed at around 1.9µm with the bandwidth of 2.68 nm. After thermal annealing at 393K, the Bragg wavelength demonstrates stable thermal shift of 20 pm/K in the temperature range 293–373K. These observations suggest a potential extension of InF3 fiber-based laser components to an operational range of up to 5µm.

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