Biomedical imaging by means of linear and non-linear Raman microspectroscopy

in: Temporal Proceedings (2010)
Vogler, Nadine; Meyer, Tobias; Latka, Ines; Bocklitz, Thomas W.; Krafft, Christoph; Deckert, Volker; Bendsoe, Niels; Svanberg, Katarina; Dietzek, Benjamin; Popp, Jürgen
Biomedical imaging by means of nonlinear Raman microspectroscopy offers novel approaches towards individualized decisions on therapy routines as diagnosis is possible on the chemical composition of tissue and cells even during the pre-clinical phase of a disease. As Raman-based microspectroscopy allows for non-invasive, contact-free and label-free investigation of living tissue not disturbed by the presence of water, it contains high potential for biomedical diagnostics. Our experimental approach towards CARS-based in vitro tissue characterization is discussed. The focus lies on the joint use of linear Raman microspectroscopy and CARS microscopy. While linear Raman microspectroscopy is used to obtain the information on critical Raman marker bands at selected spatial positions within the sample, CARS microscopy is focussing on fast image generation using the previously defined Raman marker bands. Complementarily, secondharmonic generation imaging was applied to the samples. Furthermore, we present innovative concepts for CARS-image analysis.

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