In the subproject of the Leibniz-IPHT, a new type of open user microarray platform is to be researched within a project consortium. In order to be able to cope with the complex project tasks, four partners have joined forces, which represent all the necessary competences for the research of this platform. This includes the work of FZMB GmbH in the field of microarray research, Senova GmbH in the research of new lateral flow assays and 4H JENA GmbH in the development of hardware and software for reader systems. The objective is to develop an innovative, user-open multiparameter platform for spotted and sprayed lateral flow assays based on novel protein microarrays. Two clinically relevant problems have been selected as application areas for the new methods and technologies - the detection of bacterial enzymes causing antibiotic resistance and the detection of serum antibodies against various, e.g. vaccine-preventable diseases.

The project is funded by the BMBF under the number 13GW0458D and co-financed by the project sponsor VDI-TZ Phys. Technol. 

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