Silicon Nanostructures

The main research focus in the Silicon Nanostructures group is related to the development and fundamental studies of an atomic and electronic structure of the achieved 0D-3D nanostructured silicon and functional nanomaterials (metals, oxides), and their interaction with a light in different media (organic, inorganic, biological, etc.), in the spectral range from vis till X-ray. For the realization of efficient functional surfaces, the long-term expertise in thin film technology and surface analytics including precise surface synchrotron studies using large-scale facilities at HZB BESSY II in Berlin/Germany and DIAMOND in Didcot/UK Light sources are used. Due to the efficient synergy with other Leibniz IPHT groups our developed nanostructured functional surfaces can be successfully implemented in fields related to (Bio)Photonics and Theranostics with a strong application focus to the civil security (water, food, pharma), green energy (hydrogen) and nanomedicine (drug delivery nanocontainers).

Selected Research Topics

  • Surface science: formation and fundamental studies
  • Self-assembly of metals in porous matrices for (UV)SERS
  • Silicon nanostructures for photo-driven hydrogen generation
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable porous silicon nanostructures for nanomedicine

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