For many manufacturers, product quality and uniformity are critically dependent on temperature. However, accurate temperature measurement in industry is still a challenge: in processes such as welding, errors of tens to hundreds of degrees Celsius are possible, while thermometer accuracy can drift over time. For some existing thermometer types and newer fiber optic designs, there are few, if any, current methods to trace their calibration back to primary standards from National Measurement Institutes (NMIs). This project will improve the accuracy of a number of thermometer types used in manufacturing and perform validation of in situ reference standards for combustion flame temperature measurement. For industrial processes where surface temperatures can reach the 1300 ºC range, methods with target uncertainties of less than 3 ºC will be developed, with measurements traceable to standards from NMI laboratories. With better product uniformity resulting from improved temperature control, European manufacturers will be able to achieve higher efficiency through reduced waste costs.

The project is funded by EU grant Horizon 2020 under the number 17IND04 and co-funded by the project executing agency EU-H2020. 

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