Super-resolution RESOLFT microscopy of lipid bilayers using a fluorophore-switch dyad

in: Chemical Science (2020)
Xiong, Yaoyao; Galiani, Silvia; Sezgin, Erdinc; Urbančič, Iztok; Vargas Jentzsch, Andreas; Eggeling, Christian; Anderson, Harry L.; Frawley, Andrew T.; Wycisk, Virginia; Leslie, Kathryn G.
Dyads consisting of a photochromic switch covalently linked to a fluorescent dye allow the emission from the dye to be controlled by reversible photoisomerization of the switch; one form of the switch quenches fluorescence by accepting energy from the dye. Here we investigate the use of dyads of this type for superresolution imaging of lipid bilayers. Giant unilamellar vesicles stained with the dyads were imaged with about a two-fold resolution-enhancement compared with conventional confocal microscopy. This was achieved by exciting the fluorophore at 594 nm, using a switch activated by violet and red light (405/640 nm).

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