In the subproject Raman4ABX of the joint project ABXSens, highly sensitive and selective Raman spectroscopic methods are being researched in order to achieve a measurement of antibiotic levels. For this purpose
new approaches of Raman sensor technology for the determination of the five most frequently used antibiotics in body fluids are advanced. The focus is on research into amplification methods, such as UV Raman spectroscopy and fiber-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, as well as the development of analytical methods. Every year, approximately 400,000 patients in intensive care units in Germany suffer a nosocomial infection. Both overdosage
(toxicity) as well as underdosing of antibiotics (lack of efficacy) are associated with increased lethality. Precise dosing of antibiotic levels, adjusted to individual antibiotic levels, based on real-time bedside measurement would be an enormous improvement in clinical care and therapy of nosocomial sepsis.

The project is funded by the VDI Berlin under the number 13GW0425E.