Childhood memories, traditions and family quirks: 24 stories from 24 countries open a window to the world every day

Christmas is different in the Corona year 2020. How do we get into a reflective mood when home is far away and cozy rounds of Glühwein are cancelled this time? — We travel around the world in 24 days!

We asked our international colleagues what they associate with Christmas. And we got to hear 24 wonderful, funny, exciting, interesting and absolutely heartwarming stories — about beautiful childhood memories, remarkable traditions and family quirks: Around the World in 24 Days // Christmas Stories by Leibniz IPHT. Our Advent calendar opens a window on the world every day until Christmas. How does a British Christmas cake with lots of schnapps taste, why do the trees in Syria bend their tops, what does the Thuringian engineer put into good old German potato salad, what does a Christmas carol from Ghana sound like and what, well, comes out of a well-fed Catalan tree trunk in the end?

The Christmas Stories are an invitation to spend the most wonderful time of the year together despite distance and to share moments full of confidence and anticipation — for this Christmas and for all the Christmases to come. Leibniz IPHT wishes everyone a happy Advent season.


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