The new annual report of Leibniz IPHT guides you visually impressive, entertaining and on 68 pages through an eventful and successful year 2021. Exciting projects, fascinating research topics as well as current facts and figures from the reporting period take interested readers on a scientific journey of discovery.

The focus of the current issue is on the topic of „transfer“. Thanks to sophisticated and innovative approaches and technologies, talented and passionated researchers as well as inspiring collaborations between science and industry new ideas can mature into application-oriented and practical solutions that improve our lives and make them safer and healthier.

Selected research highlights at a glance

Especially in medical diagnostics, there is a need to gain a deeper understanding of regions of the body that are difficult to reach, to detect pathologically altered tissue at an early stage and to significantly improve the chances of recovery for those affected. Endoscopic solutions developed at Leibniz IPHT offer the potential to precisely localize and characterize tumor tissue or to look into the human brain to investigate the causes of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, for example.

Highly sensitive quantum sensors, on the other hand, help to unlock hidden secrets and can provide both comprehensive insights into our planet’s archaeological past or make tiny biomagnetic signals visible.

These and other interesting research topics as well as projects can be found in the current annual report 2021, which is available for download here:

Annual Report Leibniz IPHT 2021

Annual Report Leibniz IPHT 2021