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Wavelength dependent characterization of a multimode fibre endoscope

Pikálek, Tomáš; Trägårdh, Johanna; Simpson, Stephen; Cizmar, Tomas
in: Optics Express (2019) 28239

Multimode fibres have recently shown promise as miniature endoscopic probes. When used for non-linear microscopy, the bandwidth of the imaging system limits the ability to focus light from broadband pulsed lasers as well as the possibility of wavelength tuning during the imaging. We demonstrate that the bandwidth is limited by the dispersion of the off-axis hologram displayed on the SLM, which can be corrected for, and by the limited bandwidth of the fibre itself. The selection of the fibre is therefore crucial for these experiments. In addition, we show that a standard prism pulse compressor is sufficient for material dispersion compensation for multi-photon imaging with a fibre endoscope.

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