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Enhancing the supramolecular stability of monolayers by combining dipolar with amphiphilic motifs: a case of amphiphilic push–pull-thiazole

Hupfer, Maximilian L.; Kaufmann, Martin; May, Sylvio; Preiß, Julia; Weiß, Dieter; Dietzek, Benjamin; Beckert, Rainer; Presselt, Martin
in: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2019) 13241

Equipping a thiazole dye with push and pull moieties adds dipolar intermolecular interactions and two hydrophilic anchors to a centrally anchored p-stacking and otherwise mono-amphiphilic dye. We show that, despite the resulting irregular shape of the tripodal amphiphile, the enhanced intermolecular interactions and amphiphilicity yield smooth and stable thin films. Furthermore, we present a first approach for deriving supramolecular binding energies from the Langmuir–Blodgett hysteresis data.

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