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Silicon Nanostructures

Scientific profile

The research group investigates nanostructured silicon for (bio)photonic applications, e.g. for drug delivery or as a contrast agent for medical imaging. For this purpose, the group combines the synthesis of 0-3D silicon nanostructures using top-down and bottom-up methods with the fundamental structural and electronic characterization of nanostructures, which possess a number of new physical and chemical properties, which are used jointly with partners for applications in (bio)photonics and nanomedicine.

Colloidal solution of silicon nanoparticles
Top-down silicon nanostructures
Distribution of the electric field (logarithmic scale) over the surface of the silver dendrite located in the pore of the SiO2/Si matrix

Selected Research Topics

  • Poröse Silizium-Nanostrukturen für personalisierte Therapie
  • Nanostrukturierte Silizium-Oberflächenengineering für die Wasserstofferzeugung
  • Kontrollierte Selbstorganisation von funktionellen Metallen in porösen Matrizen für die Biosensorik
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