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Research Department Functional Interfaces

Scientific Profile

The Department of Functional Interfaces investigates in particular light-responsive functional interfaces e.g. between solids and molecules. The interfaces are produced chemically, by means of nanotechnology and molecular layer technology, and are characterized by material science and spectroscopy. The main focus of the work is the investigation of structure-dynamic-function relationships of molecularly functionalized interfaces or molecules in complex environments, in thin (up to molecularly thin) layers and components derived from them, and in semiconductor and metal oxide nanoparticles. The latter show a large surface-to-volume ratio of these structures for the adsorption of analyte molecules and thus predestined for sensory applications in the field of medical and environmental analysis.

The research department is an integral part of the research fields of Multiscale Spectroscopy, Key Technologies and contributes to the field of Biomedical Microscopy and Imaging.

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