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Research Group Clinical Spectroscopic Diagnostics

The clinical spectroscopic diagnostics research group researches and develops novel spectroscopic tools for the culture-independent characterization of the physiological interactions of sepsis in cooperation with the Center for Sepsis Control and Care, an integrated research and treatment center at the Jena University Hospital. This includes the following:

  • Novel optical-spectroscopic methods of determining the antibiotic sensitivity of sepsis pathogens
  • Optical-spectroscopic methods and processes for the characterization of the host response, such as, for example, the immune response
  • Research of spectroscopic methods for studying the pathogenesis of difficult-to-treat infections, in particular intracellular infections.

This workgroup combines the synergy between the technological-spectroscopic expertise that is established at IPHT and the possibility of working with human pathogenic germs and patient samples in laboratories with a biological safety level of S2 at the University Hospital.

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