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Prof. Dr. Volker Deckert


Dr. Tanja Deckert-Gaudig


The focus of this departments research lies in the investigation of nanoscale phenomena. Therefore, applications in the following areas are of special interest

  • Photocatalysis of single molecules1,
  • Structural composition of nanoscale structures (proteins, nanoparticles)2.

The basic oriented research focuses on 

  • experimental frontiers of the spatial resolution3, 4, 5,
  • theoretical basics of plasmon-based near-field optical methods6, 7, 8.

Therefore, novel technologies are investigated, in particular 

  • coupling of near-field optics with time resolution,
  • substrate based enhancement of near-field signals9, 10.

Both work groups, Biopolymers and Nanoscopy, work closely together in order to ensure the basic and application oriented research.

Schematic TERS measurements on protein fibrils
Nearfield interaction between silver atom and adenine molecule
Contacted atomically flat gold cristals


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