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Research Department Fiber Photonics

Scientific Profile

The research department Fiber Photonics targets basic and application-oriented research in the field of fiber-based photonics with a focus on life and environmental sciences. Speciality and hybrid fiber waveguides are investigated with regard to light generation and sensing properties, using materials and photonic concepts that are innovative and traditionally not used in fiber optics, while they enable a significantly extension of the application domain.

The work concentrates on fundamental aspects and application-related questions of light-matter interaction and its possible applications in the field of biophotonics with a focus on nonlinear light generation, high-power lasers and detection and analysis of single biologically relevant nanoobjects by means of elastic light scattering within microstructured fibers. Furthermore, plasmon-active nanostructures on fiber end surfaces, fiber-based optical tweezers and novel hollow core fiber concepts are investigated.

Nanoobject detection in microstructured fibers by elastic light scattering
Output mode of a hollow core fiber
Selection of micro- and nanostructured glass fibers

Research topics

  • Nonlinear frequency conversion in hybrid and microstructured fibers
  • Sensing of individual micro- and nano-objects inside and outside microstructured fibers
  • Investigation of light guidance in novel waveguides (in particular hollow core waveguides)
  • Tunable fiber laser concepts with high output powers
  • Functionalization of fiber end faces with plasmon-active nanostructures (e.g. metasurfaces) 
  • Extension of the spectral range of fiber lasers using novel materials
  • Microstructured fibers, hybrid fibers, photonic crystal fibers, light cages

On the basis of the Europe-wide unique infrastructure, fiber optics research at IPHT has allowed to demonstrate new physical effects and open up new fields of applications, especially in the field of biophotonics.

Application fields

  • Fiber-based light sources with tailored properties
  • Bioanalytics and biosensing of selected biological species
  • Fiber Integrated Spectroscopy and Optofluidics
  • Application in near field microscopy
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