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Research Focus Photonic Detection

Photonic detection deals with the research and implementation of systems used in the efficient, time-resolved, and spatially-resolved detection of light. Application fields include

  • Detector research for spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging in a wide frequency range – from x-rays to visible light into the far infrared range,
  • Highly spatially resolved far-field and near-field microscopy, and
  • Innovative sensor, light collection, and light source designs based on nano and microstructured metal and semiconductor structures.

The goal is to develop instruments with maximum sensitivity and to research novel sensor classes for biophotonic application fields.

To successfully fulfill such a mission, the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive chain of supporting, complementary technologies is required that build on targeted fundamental research and make the technical implementation of quantum-based sensor concepts and their system integration possible in highly sensitive measurement systems. Leibniz-IPHT has taken it upon itself to research basic solutions in new measurement technology in the life sciences and contributes to the sustainable solution of a central social issue. 

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