A Happy Get-Together – Probing Electrochemical Interfaces by Non-Linear Vibrational Spectroscopy

in: Chemistry-A European Journal (2022)
Dietzek-Ivanšić, Benjamin; De, Ratnadip
Electrochemical interfaces are key structures in energy storage and catalysis. Hence, a molecular understanding of the active sites at these interfaces, their solvation, the structure of adsorbates, and the formation of solidelectrolyte interfaces are crucial for an in-depth mechanistic understanding of their function. Vibrational sum-frequency generation (VSFG) spectroscopy has emerged as an operando spectroscopic technique to monitor complex electrochemical interfaces due to its intrinsic interface sensitivity and chemical specificity. Thus, this review discusses the happy get-together between VSFG spectroscopy and electrochemical interfaces. Methodological approaches for answering core issues associated with the behavior of adsorbates on electrodes, the structure of solvent adlayers, the transient formation of reaction intermediates, and the emergence of solid electrolyte interphase in battery research are assessed to provide a critical inventory of highly promising avenues to bring optical spectroscopy to use in modern material research in energy conversion and storage.

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