Multimodal Instrumentation

The group 'Multimodal Instrumentation' focuses on research and development of novel application-oriented optical tools, and fiber-optic probes, tailored for specific applications for basic research, medical ex-vivo and in vivo diagnostics, as well as for industrial process analysis. The research covers a range of spectroscopic, fluorescence-based, and interferometric techniques. Furthermore, the group 'Multimodal Instrumentation' is also exploring and developing novel high-throughput Raman devices for rapid single cells and tissue analysis. This research is aiming at improving the acquisition speeds of current devices by removing the human factor from the acquisition procedure and directly applying multivariate statistical methods during the acquisition, which allows the investigation and monitor of experiments rapidly and in a time-dependent fashion.

Research Topics

Development of optical instruments, high-throughput Raman spectroscopy devices, Endoscopy Raman probes, handheld Raman probes, endoscopic piezo-based multimodal probes, Raman imaging systems, fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence life-time imaging, MUSE, and optical coherence tomography for diagnostics

Implementation of high throughput Raman screening platforms for large-scale molecular sampling of cells

  • Implementation of live cell capability for the real time surveillance of cell reactions
  • Combining Raman microscopy with quantitative phase imaging
  • Development of a Raman-based glycogen assay
  • Characterization of drug-cell interactions
  • Intracellular lipid biology and intracellular lipidomics

Development of scanning and non-scanning endoscopic probes for medical diagnostics and industrial processing

  • Development of a diagnostic fiber-optic probe that integrates three optical modalities (Raman spectroscopy, second harmonic generation, and optical coherence tomography), which will enable with high resolution the localization of structural and chemical heterogeneous regions. (MultiFib, FKZ 01KL1904)
  • Raman imaging using a handheld fiber optic probe, which is built around computer vision–based assessment of positional information and simultaneous acquisition of spectroscopic information
  • Development of fiber optic probes for in vivo applications
  • Design and development (cooperation with “Fiber Research and Technology” department) of anti-resonant hollow core fibers for ultra-low background Raman sensing

Areas of application

In-vivo medical application:

  • Development of a medical Raman platform for clinical diagnostics for the in vivo acquisition of Raman spectra. The accompanying fiber optic Raman probe can be used in combination with an endoscope with a working channel, e.g. a cystoscope.
  • Cells research (disease diagnosis, drug – cell interactions).
  • Raman-based assays
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Cardiac tissue characterization and localization of fibrotic streaks

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