OpenInnoTrain is a new €2.5M research project focused on open innovation and research translation between academia and industry with a 22-member research consortium with partners from several countries. The project aims at enabling the untapped potential of European university researchers in getting their research outcomes to the market within the University‐Industry Cooperation (UIC) framework. This Open Innovation approach for research translation is the prerequisite for societal impact through value creation by embedding research‐generated knowledge into practices, transforming knowledge made available in academic publications to new or improved products and services and behavioural changes. Researchers in Europe and Australia will have the opportunity to spend from one month up to a year in Australia and in several European countries including Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, UK and Spain. This is the first project that connects European and Australian research at this scale within such a global network of industrial partners and academic institutions. In addition to exchanges, the project will also include workshops, summer schools, masterclasses, seminars and hackathons in different locations across Europe with project partners.

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