Fourteen member institutes of the Research Alliance Leibniz Health Technologies (LHT) and two spin-off companies are working on technological solutions for current medical challenges in society. In a crossdisciplinary and cross-sectional approach, these institutes mainly from Leibniz sections C and D combine their respective expertise to jointly research and develop innovative health technologies for improved diagnostics, therapies and monitoring procedures in order to drastically improve quality of life for patients. Technology transfer with an early involvement of future end-users in the overall research process plays a key role in this process. A Leibniz Research Alliance is a collaboration model that enables a thorough and interdisciplinary approach, which is an important basis for a later translation into commercial products and services in health care.

The project is funded by the Leibniz Association under the number SAS-2021-1-IPHT; LFV-2021-1-IPHT.

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