A main objective of the ThIMEDOP Innovation Centre is the creation of a central authority with incubator function for the Thuringian medical technology industry, in which the unmet medical need from medical clinical practice can be identified and solutions for this can be researched. The planned networking of doctors, engineers and basic researchers with each other and with partners from the medical technology industry in Thuringia will have a translation-promoting effect. In the future, the centre will be located in the CetraMed research building, which will be built on the premises of the University Hospital from 2019. Leibniz IPHT, the University Hospital of Jena and the Technical University of Ilmenau are jointly responsible for the Innovation Centre.

The project is financed by the Free State of Thuringia under the number 2018 IZN 0003 and co-financed by European Union funds within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

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