The MSCA ITN MONPLAS offers an integrated transdisciplinary training program in advanced detection technologies for measuring microplastics in liquids. The increase of microplastics in the oceans is reported worldwide. Accurate assessment of quantity and type is needed. The MONPLAS network provides a unique opportunity for collaboration to cooperate with international experts in research, development and characterization of advanced technologies. MONPLAS has a very high potential to have a major impact on the European economy. This is reflected in the participation of the high profile consortium, including e.g. Aston University, Bruker, KTH, Shimdazu, Renishaw, the Free University of Brussels and Leibniz-IPHT.

The project is funded by EU grant Horizon 2020 under number 860775 and co-financed by the EU-H2020 MC ITN project management agency. 

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