Correcting Systematic Errors by Hybrid 2D Correlation Loss Functions in nonlinear inverse modelling

in: PLoS One (2023)
Mayerhöfer, Thomas G.; Pahlow, Susanne; Heintzmann, Rainer; Popp, Jürgen; Noda, Isao
Recently a new family of loss functions called smart error sums has been suggested. These loss functions account for correlations within experimental data and force modeled data to obey these correlations. As a result, multiplicative systematic errors of experimental data can be revealed and corrected. The smart error sums are based on 2D correlation analysis which is a comparably recent methodology for analyzing spectroscopic data that has found broad application. In this contribution we mathematically generalize and break down this methodology and the smart error sums to uncover the mathematic roots and simplify it to craft a general tool beyond spectroscopic modelling. This reduction also allows a simplified discussion about limits and prospects of this new method including one of its potential future uses as a sophisticated loss function in deep learning. To support its deployment, the work includes computer code to allow reproduction of the basic results.

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