Automated multicolor mesoscopic imaging for the 3-dimensional reconstruction of fluorescent biomarker distribution in large tissue specimens

in: Biomedical Optics Express (2022)
Foo, Wanling; Wiede, Alexander; Bierwirth, Sebastian; Heintzmann, Rainer; Press, Adrian T.; Hauswald, Walter
Research in translational medicine often requires high-resolution characterization techniques to visualize or quantify the fluorescent probes. For example, drug delivery systems contain fluorescent molecules enabling in vitro and in vivo tracing to determine biodistribution or plasma disappearance. Albeit fluorescence imaging systems with sufficient resolution exist, the sample preparation is typically too complex to image a whole organism of the size of a mouse. This article established a mesoscopic imaging technique utilizing a commercially available cryo-microtome and an in-house built episcopic imaging add-on to perform imaging during serial sectioning. Here we demonstrate that our automated red, green, blue (RGB) and fluorescence mesoscope can generate sequential block-face and 3-dimensional anatomical images at variable thickness with high quality of 6 μm× 6 μm pixel size. In addition, this mesoscope features a numerical aperture of 0.10 and a field-of-view of up to 21.6 mm× 27 mm× 25 mm (width, height, depth).

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