The balance of microbial communities is crucial for the well-being of plants, animals and humans. If the consortia are out of balance, this often results in crop failures, destroyed ecosystems or diseases. To prevent or eliminate the negative consequences, pesticides or antibiotics are used, among other things. However, these only combat the symptoms. Therefore, a holistic approach that investigates microbiomes and their impact on their hosts and environment is needed.
In the Cluster of Excellence Balance of the Microverse, scientists are investigating the composition as well as communication and interaction of microbial communities with each other and with their environment. The insights gained make targeted interventions that can maintain or restore the balance of microbiomes possible. In this way, scientists can find answers to pressing societal issues - such as soil contamination and antibiotic resistance.
The holistic approach of the Balance of the Microverse Cluster of Excellence is supported by three research areas:
A. Microverse of the environment
B. Microverse of the host
C. Microverse Imaging Center and Data Synopsis
The interdisciplinary environment combines expertise from biology, medicine, optics/photonics, materials science and computer science from FSU Jena, Leibniz-IPHT and seven other non-university research institutions as well as four collaborative research centers.

The project is funded by the DFG Sachbeihilfe grant number EXC 205/1 - FSU (Proj. 23/2019) and co-funded as DFG Excellenzcluster.

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