Development of Infrared Reflective Textiles and Simulation of Their Effect in Cold-Protection Garments

in: Applied Sciences-Basel (2023)
Cherunova, Irina; Kornev, Nikolai; Jia, Guobin; Richter, Klaus; Plentz, Jonathan
Two ways of the heat insulation enhancement of cold protecting garment are studied using 1 the mathematical model which describes coupled transport of temperature, humidity, bound and condensed water. The model is developed in a one dimensional formulation. The thermal radiation transport is explicitly considered by subdivision of the heat flux into radiative and conduction parts. The model is utilized to study the improvement of heat insulating properties of cold protective garments using aerogel materials and thin infrared reflective textile layers. A special attention is paid to technological aspects of manufacturing such reflective textiles. The numerical investigations show that the use of infrared reflective textile is the most effective way of the two studied. Due to the reflection of the radiant heat flow coming from the human body, the skin temperature rises and the thermal insulation of clothing is significantly improved.

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