Study of microwave resonances induced by bias lines of shunted Josephson junctions

in: IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (2020)
Yilmaz, Ugur; Razmkhah, Sasan; Collot, Romain; Kunert, Jürgen; Stolz, Ronny; Febvre, Pascal
Bias lines routed over a ground plane naturally form microstrip lines associated with the presence of a capacitance. This can lead to unwanted resonances when coupled to Josephson junctions. This work presents an electrical model of a shunted Josephson junction with its bias lines and pads, fabricated with the 1 kA/cm² RSFQ niobium process of the FLUXONICS Foundry. A compact LCL T-model is used to simulate the microwave behavior of the bias line, predict resonances and design resonance-free superconducting circuits. The I-V characteristics of three shunted Josephson junctions have been obtained from time-domain simulations done with JSIM [3] and show a good match with the global behavior and experimentally observed resonance at 230 GHz, measured at 4.2 K. The influence of the position and value of a series resistor placed on bias lines is studied to damp unwanted resonances at the junction.

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