Two-Step-Model of Photosensitivity in Cerium-doped Fibers

in: Optical Materials Express (2019)
Elsmann, Tino; Becker, Martin; Olusoji, Olugbenga; Unger, Sonja; Wondraczek, Katrin; Aichele, Claudia; Lindner, Florian; Schwuchow, Anka; Rothhardt, Manfred; Nold, Johannes
The photosensitivity of various cerium-doped fibers has been experimentally investigated for both Excimer- and Femtosecond-laser illumination. The results of single-pulse, few-pulse and multi-pulse inscription of fiber-Bragg-gratings with both laser systems and the thermal aging of those gratings demonstrated the restrictions of the conventional color center model. To explain the short-term stability of single-pulse gratings against long-term stability of multi-pulse gratings, an extension into a new two-step-model was deduced.

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