Spectroscopic techniques can be effectively used to quantify molecular interactions highly sensitively and accurately in physiological settings. Fluorescence cross-correlation (FCCS) can be used, for example, to determine the loading of a target protein with a drug in minute biopsies. Image correlation spectroscopy (ICS) can be used on living cells to study the interactions between ligands and receptors. Both applications are essential for understanding and targeting new drugs. The basic principle of this technology has long been validated, but industrial use has not yet taken hold. The development of new applications is complex, the analysis of the data is non-trivial and a costly variation of a confocal microscope is required as a basis. In this project, four SMEs and one academic research group from photonics and life sciences have joined forces to combine their unique knowledge and expertise in the field of spectroscopic analysis. Thus, this project aims to establish and validate a new innovative measurement platform that will enable industrial use of these methods in the future.

The project is funded by VDIB-ZIM-NKF under the number 16KN070934.