Optical Assets of In situ Electro-assembled Platinum Black Nanolayers

in: Scientific Reports (2017)
Hänschke, Frank; Zieger, Gabriel; Dellith, Jan; Ihring, Andreas; Undisz, Andreas; Meyer, Hans-Georg; Stanca, Sarmiza Elena
Optoelectronic technology has been increasingly driven towards miniaturization. In this regard, maintaining the optical properties of the bulk materials while reducing their size is a critical need. How thin must the film be to preserve the bulk material´s optical absorbance and reflectance characteristics? This is the central question for our study of the in situ electro-assembly broad band optical absorber films of platinum in non-aqueous solution of PtCl4. By reducing the in situ constructed film to sub-visible-wavelength thicknesses, the measured reflectance in the region from the ultraviolet to the infrared remained close to that exhibited by the micrometre-sized films. These platinum black films broadly absorb electromagnetic waves at a sub-incident-wavelength thickness owing to their plasmonically increased absorbance cross-section. Simulation of various incident energy electron trajectories gives insights into the electron depth through the porous platinum black of ρ=1.6 g/cm3 and previews the optical behaviour close to the atomic thickness.

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