Landau-Zener-Stückelberg-Majorana lasing in circuit quantum electrodynamics

in: Physical Review B (2016)
Neilinger, Pavol; Shevchenko, Sergei N.; Bogár, J.; Rehàk, M.; Oelsner, Gregor; Karpov, Denis S.; Astafiev, Oleg; Grajcar, Miroslav; Ilichev, Evgeni
We demonstrate amplification (and attenuation) of a probe signal by a driven two-level quantum system in the Landau-Zener regime. In the experiment, a superconducting qubit was strongly coupled to a microwave cavity, the conventional arrangement of circuit quantum electrodynamics. Two different types of flux qubits show a similar result, lasing at the points where amplification takes place. The experimental data are explained by the interaction of the probe signal with Rabi-like oscillations. The latter are created by constructive interference of Landau-Zener-Stückelberg-Majorana (LZSM) transitions during the driving period of the qubit. A detailed description of the occurrence of these oscillations and a comparison of obtained data with both analytic and numerical calculations are given.

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