Photometric Detection of Nitric Oxide Using a Dissolved Iron(III) Corrole as a Sensitizer

in: ChemPlusChem (2016)
Fischer, Stefan; Vestfrid, Jenya; Mahammed, Atif; Herrmann-Westendorf, Felix; Schulz, Martin; Müller, Jürgen; Kiesewetter, Olaf; Dietzek, Benjamin; Gross, Zeev; Presselt, Martin
Within this work the potential of an iron(III) corrole complex for its use in the detection of nitric oxide was explored. Therefore, the reversible conversion of an dissolved iron(III)corrole to its corresponding nitrosyl complex using gaseous nitric oxide was monitored by UV-vis spectroscopy. The spectral changes between both coordination compounds were used to determine small amounts of nitric oxide in the sub-ppm range photometrically. The spectral changes due to NO-binding were assigned to charge transfer transitions arising upon NO coordination and were analyzed in detail with support from quantum chemical calculations. Finally, films of the iron(III)corrole were deposited on quartz glass. Thus, the large potential of iron(III)corroles for the development of advanced highly sensitive and low-energy consuming photonic sensing devices is demonstrated.

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