Supercontinuum generation in a carbon disulfide core microstructured optical fiber

in: Optics Express (2021)
Junaid, Saher; Bierlich, Jörg; Hartung, Alexander; Meyer, Tobias; Chemnitz, Mario; Schmidt, Markus A.
We demonstrate supercontinuum generation in a liquid-core microstructured optical fiber using carbon disulfide as the core material. The fiber provides a specific dispersion landscape with a zero-dispersion wavelength approaching the telecommunication domain where the corresponding capillary-type counterpart shows unsuitable dispersion properties for soliton fission. The experiments were conducted using two pump lasers with different pulse duration (30 fs and 90 fs) giving rise to different non-instantaneous contributions of carbon disulfide in each case. The presented results demonstrate an extraordinary high conversion efficiency from pump to soliton and to dispersive wave, overall defining a platform that enables studying the impact of non-instantaneous responses on ultrafast soliton dynamics and coherence using straightforward pump lasers and diagnostics.

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