Two-Photon Induced CO-Releasing Molecules as Molecular Logic Systems in Solution, Polymers and Cells

in: Chemistry-A European Journal (2019)
Ramu, Vadde; Reddy, Gandra Upendar; Liu, Jingiing; Hoffmann, Patrick; Sollapur, Rudrakant; Wyrwa, Ralf; Kupfer, Stephan; Spielmann, Christian; Bonnet, Sylvestre; Schiller, Alexander; Neugebauer, Ute
Phototherapeutic applications of carbon monoxide(CO)-releasing molecules are limited because they require harmful ultraviolet (UV) and blue light for activation. We describe two-photon excitation with near-infrared (NIR) light (800 nm) induces CO-release from two Mn(I) tricarbonyl complexes bearing 1,8-naphthalimide units (1, 2). Complex 2 behaves as a logic OR gate in solution, nonwovens and in HeLa cells. CO-release, indicated via fluorescence enhancement, was detected in solution, nonwoven and in HeLa cells via single (405 nm) and two-photon (800 nm) excitation. The photophysical properties of 1 and 2 have been measured and supported by DFT and TDDFT quantum chemical calculations. Both photoCORMs are stable in the dark in solution and non-cytotoxic, leading to promising applications as phototherapeutics with near-infrared light.

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