Approximate model for analyzing band structures of single-ring hollow-core anti-resonant fibers

in: Optics Express (2019)
Fatobene Ando, Ron; Hartung, Alexander; Jang, Bumjoon; Schmidt, Markus A.
Precise knowledge of modal behavior is of essential importance for understanding light guidance, particularly in hollow-core fibers. Here we present a semi-analytical model that allows determination of bands formed in revolver-type anti-resonant hollow-core fibers. The approach is independent of the actual arrangement of the anti-resonant elements, does not enforce artificial lattice arrangements and allows determination of the effective indices of modes of preselected order. The simulations show two classes of modes: (i) low-order modes exhibiting effective indices with moderate slopes and (ii) a high number of high-order modes with very strong effective index dispersion, forming a quasi-continuum of modes. It is shown that the mode density scales with the square of the normalized frequency, being to some extent similar to the behavior of multimode fibers.

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