Advanced fabrication and calibration of high-temperature sensor elements based on sapphire fiber Bragg gratings

in: Temporal Proceedings (2014)
Elsmann, Tino; Habisreuther, Tobias; Rothhardt, Manfred; Willsch, Reinhardt; Bartelt, Hartmut
In this paper, improved fabrication and calibration techniques of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) for very high temperature sensing applications up to more than 1500 °C will be presented. The fibers used are single crystalline sapphire fibers, which are applicable in such high temperature ranges due to their high melting point at 2040 °C and their extreme thermal stability. The inscription of the FBGs was performed by the second harmonic wave of a Ti:Sa-femtosecond laser system. With pulses of 400 nm wavelength first order gratings could be achieved. Using a two-beam phase mask interferometer, grating arrays within a wide spectral range have been fabricated with only one phase mask and without additional calibration routine. The inscribed grating arrays were wavelength-calibrated using a reference FBG, and their temperature sensitivity was evaluated.

DOI: Array

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