Super-resolution microscopy and studies of peroxisomes

in: Biological Chemistry (2023)
Galiani, Silvia; Eggeling, Christian; Reglinski, Katharina
Fluorescence microscopy is an important tool for studying cellular structures such as organelles. Unfortunately, many details in the corresponding images are hidden due to the resolution limit of conventional lens-based far-field microscopy. An example is the study of peroxisomes, where important processes such as molecular organization during protein important can simply not be studied with conventional far-field microscopy methods. A remedy is super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, which is nowadays a well-established technique for the investigation of inner-cellular structures but has so far to a lesser extent been applied to the study of peroxisomes. To help advancing the latter, we here give an overview over the different superresolution microscopy approaches and their potentials and challenges in cell-biological research, including labelling issues and a focus on studies on peroxisomes. Here, we also highlight experiments beyond simple imaging such as observations of diffusion dynamics of peroxisomal proteins.

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