Autofluorescence guided welding of heart tissue by laser pulse bursts at 1550 nm

in: Biomedical Optics Express (2020)
Chernysheva, Maria; Litvinova, Karina; Stegemann, Berthold; Leyva, Francisco
Wound healing and other surgical technologies traditionally solved by suturing and stapling have recently been enhanced by the application of laser tissue welding. The usage of high energy laser radiation to anastomose tissues eliminates a foreign body reaction, reduces scar formation, and allows for the creation of watertight closure. In the current work, we show that an ultrafast pulsed fibre laser beam with 183 μJ_cm?2 energy fluence at 1550 nm provides successful welding of dissected chicken heart walls with the tensile strength of 1.03_0.12 kg_cm?2 equal to that of native tissue. The welding process was monitored employing fluorescence spectroscopy that detects the biochemical composition of tissues. We believe that fluorescence spectroscopy guided laser tissue welding is a promising approach for decreasing wound healing times and the avoiding risks of postoperative complications.

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