The latest issue of reflexion reports on how researchers are working together to develop new technologies in the fight against life-threatening infections and how the interplay between research and medicine is making innovations for the cancer treatment of the future possible.

Researchers at Leibniz IPHT are visualizing what happens in fractions of a second when light therapies attack cancer cells. They are developing a probe for cancer surgery that can detect and simultaneously remove tumor tissue with laser light. They are using smart AI technologies to overcome the limitations of traditional optical imaging. And as a team, they are working on a breakthrough in the diagnosis of life-threatening infections – in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

The latest issue of our magazine reflexion tells the story of the diverse projects that researchers at Leibniz IPHT are working on – in teams with partners from medicine and industry in Jena, Germany, and around the world. With interesting interviews, great photos, and numerous stories that illustrate why teamwork and openness to the world are our strengths.

You can read the latest issue of reflexion, our 2023 annual report, here.