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Dichroic atomic vapor laser lock with multi-gigahertz stabilization range

Pustelny, Szymon; Schultze, Volkmar; Scholtes, Theo; Budker, Dmitry
in: Review of Scientific Instruments (2016) 063107-1

A new version of a dichroic atomic vapor laser lock (DAVLL) system is presented, which exploits buffer-gas-filled millimeter-scale vapor cells. This µ-DAVLL system offers similar stability as achievable with bulk vapor cells, but has several advantages. In addition to its compactness, it may provide continuous stabilization in a multi-gigahertz range around the optical transition. The range may be controlled either by changing the temperature of the vapor or by application of buffer gas under an appropriate pressure. In particular, we show that the buffer gas enables to lock the laser between two hyperfine components of the 85Rb ground state or far from the resonance (16 GHz in red from the center of 87Rb F = 2  F′ = 1 transition).

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