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Internship (Master thesis) in the Spectroscopy / Imaging Department

In the Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technology e. V., the Spectroscopy / Imaging department offers the opportunity to complete an internship followed by a master’s thesis.

Developing a processing pipeline based on Raman spectroscopy for longitudinal monitoring of tissue engineering processes 

Project aim: 

The aim is to develop an on-line data processing pipeline based on Raman spectral data and a SIMCA toolbox. Application is to monitor cross-linking in collagen tissue. 

About our research: 

Raman spectroscopy is a versatile label-free and non-destructive analytical tool that has already been used in various fields such as life science to identify tumors during surgery and control quality of engineered tissues, and environmental science to detect plastic particles in water, food, and organisms with high biochemical specificity. One topic in our lab is to explore the potential of Raman spectroscopy as a tool to evaluate properties of engineered tissues before implantation procedures. Longitudinal tissue engineering experiments often require continuous and non-destructive monitoring of dynamic tissue characteristics during the development process. Raman spectroscopy in combination with chemometric techniques to explore the insights of the data is a promising tool for this aim. Goal is to develop an integrated data processing pipeline with an on-line dashboard to monitor tissue development in real-time. Within the internship, Raman spectra of model tissues such as animal pericardium are collected and a Python based interface is developed to a SIMCA toolbox from Sartorius. As an outline for a master thesis, the software platform could be validated with crosslinking experiments of glycated collagen. 

Prospective tasks: 

  • Learn to collect Raman spectra of model tissues
  • Design the Python-based software interface and dashboard
  • Demonstrate the functionality for processed and control samples

Your qualification: 

  • Bachelor's degree in photonics, chemistry, scientific instrumentation or related

Your knowledge and skills: 

  • Programming skills in Python
  • Basic knowledge in spectroscopy and microscopy 

Start and working hours:

The position is started by appointment. The weekly working time should be at least 10 hours. 

The Leibniz-IPHT strives to increase the proportion of female employees. Therefore woman are explicitly encouraged to apply. 

Further information can be obtained from the internship provider Dr. Christoph Krafft, Tel. +49 3641 206306 / email: Christoph.Krafft(a)leibniz-ipht.de or M.Sc. Tanveer Ahmed Shaik, email: Shaik.TanveerAhmed(a)leibniz-ipht.de. 

Recent publications of our group: 

Shaik T., Alfonso-Garcia A. et al. FLIm-guided Raman imaging to study cross-linking and calcification of bovine pericardium. Anal. Chem. (2020) doi 10.1021/acs.analchem.0c01772 

Please send your application electronically as one pdf file via Email including your CV and certificates to Christoph.Krafft(a)leibniz-ipht.de.

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