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Broadband azimuthal polarization conversion using gold nanowire enhanced step-index fiber

Tuniz, Alessandro; Jain, Chhavi; Weidlich, Stefan; Schmidt, Markus A.
in: Optics Letters (2016) 448

We show broadband azimuthal polarization state conversion using an entirely connectorized step-index fiber with a central gold nanowire. This device provides broadband polarization discrimination of the low-loss TE01 fiber mode with respect to all other modes, and converts light into the azimuthal polarization state, resulting in a high beam quality and an azimuthal conversion efficiency of 37%. The device is monolithically integrated into fiber circuitry, representing a new platform for plasmonics and fiber optics and enabling important applications in super-resolution microscopy, laser tweezing, and plasmonic superfocussing.

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