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Broadband efficient directional coupling to short-range plasmons: towards hybrid fiber nanotips

Tuniz, Alessandro; Schmidt, Markus A.
in: Optics Express (2016) 7507

We present a broadband and efficient short-range plasmonic directional coupler design, for the delivery and collection of deeply sub-wavelength radiation to tapered plasmonic nanowires. We show a proof-of-concept design using a planar geometry operating at wavelengths between 1:2 −2:4 μm, showing that the propagation characteristics predicted by an Eigenmode analysis are in excellent agreement with finite element simulations. This analytical formulation is straightforward to implement and immediately provides the power-exchange properties of hybrid plasmonic waveguides. An investigation of both waveguide delivery and collection performance to and from a plasmonic nano-tip is performed. We show that this design strategy can be straightforwardly adapted to a realistic hybrid fiber geometry, containing wire diameters more than one order of magnitude larger than the planar geometries, with important applications in all-fiber plasmonic superfocussing, and nonlinear plasmonics.

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