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Impact of deuteration on the ultrafast nonlinear optical response of toluene and nitrobenzene

Karras, Christian; Chemnitz, Mario; Heintzmann, Rainer; Schmidt, Markus A.
in: Optics Express (2019) 29491

Nonlinear pulse propagation inside highly nonlinear media requires accurate knowledge on the temporal response function of the materials used particular in the case of liquids. Here we study the impact of deuteration on the ultrafast dynamics of toluene and nitrobenzene via all optical Kerr gating, showing substantially different electronic and molecular contributions, which was quantified by fitting a multichannel decay model to the data points. Specifically we found that deuteration imposes the time-integrated nonlinearities to reduce particular for toluene which could be caused by both reduced electronic hyperpolarizabilities as well as weaker intermolecular interactions. The results achieved reveal that deuterated organic solvents represent promising materials for infrared photonics since they offer extended infrared transmission compared to their non-deuterated counterparts while maintained strong nonlinear responses.

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