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Competence Center Micro- and Nanotechnologies


At the Competence Center Micro- and Nanotechnologies are developed on the basis of top-down thin-film processes chip- and wafer-based micro- and nanoscale functional elements with cross-cutting application relevance for the research units of the Leibniz IPHT. 

The center represents one of the institute’s key technologies. With its clean room, it has an excellent infrastructure. Technologically, it covers the entire process chain from design, mask production, lithography, layer production and structuring to assembly and bonding technology and analytics.

The work is carried out by four groups: IR Sensor Production, Micro- and Nanotechnology as well as Microstructure analysis.

4“ Si-wafer with membrane-based sensors
Equipment of an atomic layer deposition plant


  • Plasmonic nanostructures and optical metamaterials
  • Radiation sensors for the IR and THz spectral range 
  • Single photon detectors 
  • Superconducting quantum detectors and solid state QuBits
  • Micro- and nanooptical components
  • Microfluidic components
  • Material and structure analysis 
  • Production of thermal sensors for industrial applications 
  • Customer-specific developments for research and industry partners

Addressed Application Fields

Generation of complex and functional micro- and nanostructures for

  • Biosensorics (Plasmonic Nanomaterials for Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy)
  • Radiation sensors for the wavelength ranges from X-ray to THZ
  • Microfluidic components for lab-on-a-chip systems for medical and life science applications 
  • Micro- and Nanooptics
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